Capital City Jedi Knights is a not-for-profit, choreographed stage combat group, which specializes in costumed Star Wars styled lightsaber demonstrations and performances. We have been around since 2010 performing to help raise awareness and support for charities and local community events, and we are acknowledged by Lucasfilm Ltd. as a fan group.

Free classes to learn our skills and become a member of the club are available every Saturday evening in Harrisburg, PA. No prior experience is necessary and all levels of skill and fitness are welcomed! Bring with you a willingness to learn, the drive to develop your inner potential, and, of course, the want to have fun. We always have enough spare sabers to lend out to those who don’t have one of their own just yet, and we can provide guidance in purchasing or making your own costumes and sabers should you want to perform.

Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with all our practices and events! If you know of any one in need of Capital City Jedi Knights’ unique art, don’t hesitate to reach out.


4 days ago

Folks, hate to do this but considering the weather forecast is calling for snow and half an inch of ice while we're having our practice and meeting, we are postponing our first practice of 2019 until ... See more

2 weeks ago

Had a great time at the Hershey Bears game! Thanks for the photo Hershey Bears !#capitalcityjedi #capcityjedi #jedi #lightsaber