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Capital City Jedi Knights is available for costumed appearances and lightsaber performances throughout Pennsylvania. We are a group of volunteers and our services are available free of charge. There are however some concessions we request to ensure our safety as well as others.

  • Safe performance area. Safety is our first and foremost priority. What we do is potentially dangerous. If there is not a safe area to perform WE CANNOT AND WILL NOT PERFORM.
  • Private and secure area to change and store belongings.
  • Water (food would also be greatly appreciated).
  • Parking (free w/ reasonable access to the performance area).

Because Capital City Jedi Knights has recently been included into the LucasFilm Ltd. fan group database, the process for booking us has changed. Certain types of events must be reviewed by LucasFilm Ltd. Proper licensing needs to be acquired for use of the “Star Wars” brand, which is normally provided formally through LucasFilm Ltd. Please understand that CCJK has no control over this process and cannot attend an event if the proper protocol is not followed.

The following events will warrant LucasFilm Ltd. review:

  • Events billed specifically as a “Star Wars” event/night.
  • Events hosted by a minor/major league sports team.
  • Events held at a retail venue.
  • Events of a commercial nature.
  • Events associated with a convention or that involve convention appearances.

Please note that if your event falls into the categories listed above or we feel that your event may warrant it, we will forward your submission in the form below to the proper contacts at LucasFilm Ltd. and they will be in contact with you shortly to discuss our involvement.

Our closer workings with LucasFilm Ltd. will generally have no effect on any charity events, hospital visits, charity walks and/or parades that take place locally. Our small, community events and fundraising opportunities will usually not need to go through the process of being reviewed by LucasFilm Ltd. LucasFilm may, however, intervene at any time if they so choose.

We look forward to working with you!!

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Secure Changing AreaFree Parking/Parking fees waivedWaterFoodSafe area for any performances